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A streamlined handpiece, lighter than the market average.

The principal characteristics of the handpiece are:

  • Motor with brushes with speed of 27.000 rpm;
  • Reliable construction for long usage;
  • Built-in cooling system;
  • Precision chuck, easily adjustable and changeable: supplied in the standard measure diameter 2.35 mm (3 mm on request);
  • 1/4 turn of the grip safety lock;
  • Slim design of the grip.

The different controls offer the following advantages:

  • Torque of 80% of the maximum power, for high performance and control at low speed;
  • Double current limitation, to protect the motor in case of over load or unexpected blockage during use;
  • Incorporated circuit breakers stop the micromotor within seconds. Thunder 330 is available with different control versions.


  • Wrenches for chuck;
  • FG reduction diameter 1,6 mm;
  • Support for Handpiece.

Technical features

  • Speed: 1500-27.000 Rpm;
  • Absorbed power: 100 Watt;
  • Feed power: 230 V Hz 50/60 (110 V on request);
  • Handpiece weight: 280 g;
  • Total weight: 3.500 g;
  • Dimensions: WxDxH 32,5×34,5×13 cm.


  • 3 mm chuck item. 330PINZA3.

Foot controls

  • MM 330TP
    With pedal control, to be placed on the floor. Sensitive lever for effortless control.
  • MM 330TPR
    With reverse system to invert the direction of rotation by moving the lever to the right.

Bench controls

(all connected to on/off foot switch pedals)

  • MM 330TE
    with speed control knob.
  • MM 330TT
    With reverse system to invert the direction of rotation.
  • MM 330TD
    With fully digital control panel.

Knee control

  • MM 330TG
    With knee control attachable to the side of the bench by means of bracket provided.
    Two speed selection modes and a speed control knob are located on the control panel.
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