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Established in S.Sofia (FC) – Italy, Silfradent specializes in the successful production of equipment for dental laboratories since 1975 and widens its range of products with medical devices since 2003.

Today Silfradent offers a complete range of products in the field of the dental laboratory, which includes appreciated and resistant micromotors, maximum precision isoparallelometers, sandblasters, model trimmers, hydraulic presses, polishing and drill machines, vibrators, powerful steam generators and reliable vacuum mixers.

In the medical line, Silfradent manufactures high precision surgery and implantology devices, a varied and wide range of inserts, latest generation surgical lights and an innovative system in bone-tissue regeneration through growth factors (CGF Concentrated Growth Factors). All the equipment is designed to obtain high-level performance and user-friendliness as well as to ensure the maximum safety for both the operator and the patient.

Continuous research, internal design and innovation have allowed the company to achieve a leading position in the Italian and international market.

A constant customer support, an organized distribution network and a knowledge-education process that passes through clinical and application trainings are the basis of the company philosophy.

The points of excellence that distinguish the company are:

  • Most of the components is entirely in-house built and tested, of controlled origin which is synonymous with high standard production and long-lasting quality.
  • International Research Excellence Group made of doctors with skills in various medical specialties.
  • Organization of educational and training courses at any level.
  • CE certified products in compliance with the European directives and the international specifications ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.