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We are specialized in the production of medical devices, equipment for dental laboratories and jewelry sector.

Thanks to a constant customer support, a motivated staff, an organized distribution network of depots we support our customers in the choice of effective and less invasive medical technologies.

Medical Line

Since 2003 we specialized and certified in Dental Medical Line production.

From research, an excellence in the production of Medical Devices distributed all over the world. Silfradent continuously carries out important researches  mainly in the field of autologous blood components and in piezoelectric microsurgeries.

Discover the Medical Line

Equipment for Dental Laboratories

Wide range of products that includes high-speed induction micromotors and classic brush micromotors, high precision isoparallelometers, sandblasters, steam generators with water network connection or with manual filling, mixers, strong hydraulic presses and many other items.

Discover the Dental Laboratories Line

Our Products

Our values

Respect for the environment

For years we have been planning in full respect with ecology:

  • less energy consumption with greater efficiency;
  • limited decibel level for low noise;
  • use of hypo-allergenic plastics and paints.

Design Made in Italy

The complete line of instruments is designed and built in-house in compliance with European CE directives and international specifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. All electronic and mechanical designs are carried out at the in-house research Centre.

We work all over the world

More than 70% of the production is destined for export with customers in all continents. The main markets, as well as the whole Europe, are: United States, Colombia, Argentina, China, South Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, North Africa, Middle East.

Scientific Team

Discover our Scientific Team of Research. A group of experts who collaborate with Silfradent to do research and training, to participate in meetings and conferences and to draw up literature and scientific publications.

Discover the scientific team
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