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804 S

804TAZ1000 / 804TAZ500 / 804TAZP200

Tornado 804 - 804 S

Mixer Machine

Innovative and easy to use Mixer Machine suitable for investment and plaster. A pneumatic locking mechanism holds up the mixing bowls firmly in place (Venturi System). Vacuum is obtained by connecting the machine to the compressed air; by means of a pressure regulator it is possible to vary the value, indicated in the appropriate vacuum gauge. This system avoids the use of a specific vacuum pump, reducing space and noise. By using a digital timer, the mixing time is set in minutes and seconds (maximum 9min-59sec).


  • 804 S Wall hanging model supplied with special fixing bracket
  • 804 Freestanding model complete with adjustable vibrator


  • Mixing bowl 500 cc (mixable) code: 804TAZ1000
  • Mixing bowl 250 cc (mixable) code: 804TAZ500


  • Mixing bowl 90 cc (mixable) code: 804TAZP200

Technical features

  • 425 Rpm
  • Power: 220 Watt
  • Feed Power: 230 V 50-60 Hz (110V on request)
  • Dimensions Model 804: WxDxH cm (27×25,5×51)
  • Weight Model 804:15 Kg
  • Dimensions Model 804 S: WxDxH cm (23,5×25,5×20)
  • Weight Model 804 S: 9 Kg
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