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Easy Sand


A new generation sandblasting system suitable for all blasting operations. Nozzle tips, of the hardest widia material, ensure long usage and maximum precision. Equipped with a wide blasting chamber which offers excellent maneuverability.

Completely pneumatic working system, with pressure regulator placed outside the chamber. High luminosity and visibility: with a low consumption 11W cold light – high output comparable to 60W, 6.000 lumen for 15.000 h duration.

  • High capacity sand transport system. It ensures smooth transport of any type of sand – aluminum oxide, quartz beads from 25 to 250 micron;
  • Precise and color coded ergonomic spray jet pens, with widia tips;
  • Suction air grating improves aspirator function;
  • Tank selection dial with same-colored corresponding tips;
  • Perfect view – glass cover protected by an easily replaceable crystal clear shield to prevent scratches or being etched.


  • Inner sand brass pipe from 100 to 250 micron;
  • Widia tip 1,2 mm size.

Technical features

  • Feed power 230 V Hz 50/60 (110 V optional);
  • High performace filter to eliminate oil and water residues;
  • Operative pressure: adjustable range from 1 to 7 bar;
  • Air consumption 100L min – max;
  • Tank capacity Kg 1.

Dimensions and weight

  • W-D-H: cm 38x33x43;
  • Weight: 13 Kg.


  • Aspirator item n. 801ASP.

EASY SAND R – Sandblaster with recycling

Our sandblasters are also available with a special built in recycling system. For blasting investment material and removal of casting skin/polishing.


  • The pressure can be regulated by means of a special indicator visible inside the manometer;
  • Suction device – “Venturi” system;
  • Widiam nozzle;
  • It is suitable for any type of sand (aluminium oxide, glass microspheres…).


  • Aspirator art. 801ASP.
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