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Professional aspirator

Silfradent aspirator is a professional equipment, built to filter out thoroughly and efficiently, dusts detrimental to health. Very quiet (only 65 dBA) model, built to last.

  • Motor with two stages filtering system
  • Casing made of ABS material (anti-rust)

Safety features

It is a recognized fact that inhalation of certain abrasives can lead to lung scarring and serious ill-health, especially amongst dental technicians. Hence Silfradent has equipped our aspirators with four filters to guarantee maximum security:

  1. Recovery bag, in robust cotton S321SACTEL
  2. Anti-static “self-cleaning” filter S321CALZA
  3. Safety micro-filter S321FILT
  4. Polyester Filter S321CESTCOM

Technical features

  • Feed power 230 V Hz 50/60 (110 V on request)
  • Power: 900 watt
  • Air flow: 180 m3/h
  • Level of noise: 65 dBA
  • Capacity: 29 litres
  • Waterlift: 2200 mm
  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Dimensions:  WxDxH: cm (36x36x58)
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