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Steam Cleaner EV 8
Steam Cleaner EV 8

Steam Cleaner EV 8


Steam Cleaner EV 8

External heating element

Steam Cleaner EV 8

“Steam Cleaner evolution line”

High technology “Evolution” steam cleaners are the result of Silfradent’s long experience and research in this field.  With a choice ranging from simple portable manual filling units (EV 5) to advanced machines (EV 5S in continuous operation) up to self-diagnostic industrial units (EV 8). Evolution line fulfils safely and efficiently all cleaning needs: from decontamination of metal castings, to removal of organic and investment residue, washing of burs, milling cleaning on metallic and synthetic materials, etc.

The EV 8 model is the most sophisticated of the range. In addition to the self-diagnostic micro-controller, it has a higher pressure of 8 bars, powerful enough to pre-sterilize and decontaminate equipment.

EV 8 model offers:

  • A fixed nozzle for steam saturated to 8 bars, to decontaminate e.g. ceramics (not possible with 6 atm);
  • Pressing “spray” button on the digital panel steam at 8 bar comes out from the fixed nozzle;
  • A pedal can be applied to allow the user to operate with his hands free;
  • A mobile spray gun, for steam (or water and steam) mixed to 6 bar for standard cleaning: flow regulation;
  • A gentle 4 bar wash program (“washing “selection button) releases a continuous water and steam jet for delicate items e.g. waxes;
  • To catch waste water from the fixed nozzle, we recommend to add a stainless steel recovery vessel.


  • Pressure and “self-control” display;
  • Low voltage 24 V anti-electric shock command;
  • Console selection for steam or water-steam;
  • Mobile spray gun with low voltage command and flow regulation;
  • Predisposition for spray command pedal;
  • External heating element 2000 W with low consumption;
  • Production of dry steam at 8 bar and steam jet or water and steam mixture at 6 bar, antistatic-antimagnetic.

Technical features

  • Feed power: 230 V Hz 50/60 (110 V not available);
  • Tension of commands: 24 V;
  • Absorbed power: 2000 W;
  • Operative pressure: 8 bar;
  • Heating 10-15 minutes;
  • Tank capacity: 3 lt.


  • Water softener – Item N. 2001ADDCOMP;
  • Pipes for connection to the hydraulic net;
  • Bracket for wall attachment – Item N. EV8STFI.

Safety aspect

  • Boiler is specially constructed in explosive-proof materials;
  • Low voltage electric command;
  • Shut down in case of overheating;
  • Double min/max level;
  • Pressure sensor;
  • Thermostat with thermal fuse;
  • Vacuum valve, avoid water acidification;
  • Safety valve 10 bar.

Dimensions & weight

  • Product dimension: WxDxH 34x34x31 cm;
  • Product weight: 19 Kg;
  • Packing size: WxDxH 51x44x42 cm;
  • Product weight with packaging: 22.3 Kg.


  • Stainless steel vessel for recovering liquids from the fixed nozzle;
  • Pedal for spray control – Item N. PEDELET02.