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Managing Kit - CGF BOX

Box for processing CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors).
In this box there is all you need for the various preparations that can be obtained from CGF:

Mold for Socket Preservation (BIO SOCKET MEMBRANE)

With a dedicated mold, in special form to compact the mononuclear cells in the lower part. During the formation of the concentrate in the mold the thrust is : diameter 8mm thrust cylinder 14gr , diameter 11mm thrust cylinder 24gr for a slow and gradual reduction of serum.


Foto Socket Preservation 1 – 6


Buffer from 250gr to 280gr max boost pressure with a shape no sharp cross-cut for a better release of growth factors.

Photos membranes 7 – 10.

Ponchos (BIO PONCHO)

With a dedicated special mold.

Photos Poncho 11 – 13.

CGF Bone (Sticky Bone & Bio Bone)

Glass dappen in material borosilicate, class 3.

Photos Sticky Bone & Bio Bone 14-17

Pot for Hydration/ Permeation CGF (solid phase) and LPCGF (CGF Liquid preparation)

The material of the box’ components is of great importance. This stainless steel is resisting high mechanical stresses and abrasive or corrosive environments. Comparison between standard stainless steel and special stainless steel (Silfradent).

These microstructural characteristics, also allow it to maintain a more constant intrinsic temperature, not to suffer contamination by external agents, and to remain indifferent to electrostatic charges or magnetic fields.

Photo corrossion 18 – 19.