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Dental Surgery between present and future February 23-24, 2024

On February the 23rd and the 24th the course for dentists will be held at Silfradent headquarters in S.Sofia (FC):


“Dental surgery between present and future” 

  • Acquisition of skills for venipuncture: protocol and applications
  • Advanced surgery techniques with CGF
  • Sinus Lift and SMS Technique
  • Personalized medicine and regenerative potential of cell membrane lipids
  • Osseointegration through surface development implants permeated with CGF growth factors

Speaker: Dr. Stefano Rosi

Qualified personnel will deal with all issues relating to the teaching of the most advanced regenerative surgery techniques through the use of Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), new application research on the improvement of osseointegration, Sinus Lift and SMS technique, for a personalized and digital surgical vision.

For information and course registration:
Tel. 0543 970684

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