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My Light - Surgical Lamp

Evolution, one of the key success factors of Silfradent specialized in medical devices, keeps going ahead. Evolution in the study of light sources and materials, in designing their own devices, in the shapes and technologies used but above all, in the way light itself is conceived.

Technology (Light Emitting Diode), an extraordinary light source which is becoming stronger for its reduced dimensions, long duration, low energy consumption, lack of heat and excellent colour rendering index. It is proposed as the “light of the future” for its characteristics of flexibility of use and sustainability in a series of different sectors, but mostly in the medical one.


Thanks to the manual controls in the central handle, MY LIGHT has the possibility of focusing the light beams with a simple clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation of the handle at a focal distance from 70 to 160 cm. This has a simple system to insert and remove it, granting fast remotion and sterilization.


MY LIGHT wall mounted

  • fixing plate included;
  • first part of the arm rotation of 180°;
  • second part of the arm rotation of 360°;
  • length of first arm portion cm 81.

MY LIGHT ceiling mounted

  • arm rotation of 360°;
  • adaptable for ceiling heights between 270 and 300 cm;
  • for non standard ceiling heights,
    it is possible to request the modification of the ceiling pole;
  • length of first arm portion cm 81.

Cold light

LEDS produce a light beam without infrared rays (IR) and therefore without heat, this cold light will not alter or change neither the target temperature nor that on the surgeons’ head.

White light

Thanks to the new LED light technology we have been able to produce an unparalleled quality of light with a colour temperature (CCT) of 4.000°K,comparable to that of natural sunlight and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. Unlike conventional bulbs it is also possible to adjust brightness without altering light emission features.

Long life and efficiency

LEDS are semiconductors. For this reason they boast an average life of more than 100 times that of normal bulbs. High-powered LED have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for their entire life duration. The high efficiency achieves more light with less energy. MY LIGHT reaches a luminous intensity of 130.000 lux with 55W of electrical consumption.

Technical features

  • DC voltage: 100/240 V
  • Power consumption: 55 W
  • LED life (only LED): 50.000 h
  • Lighting at the centre, Ec @ 100 cm: 130.000 lux
  • Light adjustment: from 130.000 to 10.000 lux
  • Colour temperature, CCT: 4.000 °K
  • Colour rendering index, Ra: 95
  • Temperature increase on patient: 0° C
  • Temperature increase on operator’s head: 0° C
  • Light field dimension d50 @ 100 cm: 10 cm
  • Focusable working distance: 70 – 160 cm
  • Light head weight: 5,4 Kg
  • Single ceiling arm weight: 15 Kg
  • Wall arm weight: 10,5 Kg
  • Handle: Removable, autoclavable