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Attrezzatura Medicale
Attrezzatura Medicale
Attrezzatura Medicale

High power handpiece with internal spray.

Pump with easy insertion of the irrigation set.

Dynamometric wrench.

Pneumatic footswitch.

Surgical tray.

Kit with 6 insert tips
(5 sharp, 1 smoothing: codes SB P0100 – SB P0200 – SB P0301 – SB P0500 – SB P0600 – SB P0700).

DI IM: irrigation pipe


A new generation in ultrasound surgery

Surgybone aims at satisfying doctors’ everyday need, including the need to exploit room space at best. Thanks to its extreme versatility, selecting the ENDOS programme, the device can be turned into a highly performing ultrasound equipment. User-friendly, always ready for use, Surgybone exploits piezoelectric technology at 360° with a single handpiece.

  • Wide liquid crystal display to visualize the data set.
  • Direct push-button control for precise and prompt setting.
  • Power regulation according to different insert tips (sharp, blunt, smoothing, endodontic).
  • Maximum cutting precision, avoiding overheating necrosis.
  • Regulation of VIBRA function, with PERCUSSION action and selective cutting.

Technology based on ultrasound frequencies that permits highly precise osteotomies, with a constant control of both incision depth
and length.

Area of use

  • Sinus Lift with crestal approach
  • Extraction
  • Apicectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Bone Harvesting
  • Expansion crest
  • Schneider membrane detachment
  • Osteoplasy, Osteonomy
  • Implant site preparation
  • Endodontic application
  • Orthodontic Surgery

Technical features

  • Power source: 230 V – 50/60 Hz                                                                    100-115V 50/60 Hz (optional)
  • Nominal power consumption: 170 VA
  • Maximum vibration: 200 micron
  • Hand piece cable length: 2000 mm
  • Ultrasound frequency: 20 – 32 KHz
  • Pneumatic footswitch
  • Hydraulic circuit capacity: 0 – 50 ml/min
  • Weight: 4,9 Kg
  • Dimensions: WxDxH: cm 27×23,5×17
  • DI IM – irrigation set

Surgical handpiece

  • Micrometric cutting
  • Selective cutting
  • Cavitation effect
  • Minumum tissue overheating
  • High visibility in the operating area
  • Protection of soft tissues
  • Reduction of pain
  • Early rehabilitation
  • High yield ceramic disks
  • External irrigation set
  • Light and noiseless
  • Manufactured in tested material for more than 20.000 sterilization cycles